Sunday, 10 September 2017

2017 speech

My year 6 speech
I don't know about you, but my sister and friends always want the biggest amount of certain types of food, all the time.
Whether it's someone  that got one more fruit nugget, a bit more of a potato stick, or one more drip of some kind of drink.

For example, Brayden gave out some fruit nuggets, Joshua got one more fruit nugget than hamish and you should've seen Hamish's reaction, he went mental. Mental includes screaming, and trying to grab a fruit nugget out of Josh's hands.
This continues until a teacher comes to calm him down.
So hamish has calmed down, but do you know what josh did next, he just had to put the fruit nugget in his face again like this.
And now the whole thing starts all over again.
Honestly a fruit nuggets the size of half your fingernail.

Brayden's dishing out potato sticks to his friends, some potato sticks are longer than others, maybe by a mm but we were fighting over who was going to have the longest. It wasn't pretty there were punches being thrown and people scoffing down the stick so no one can steal it, brayden says I might not be doing this again, and suddenly everyone goes silent and it looks like nothing's happened.
This is how crazy people are getting about certain things.

Last of all the one more drip of coke.
My mums pouring out coke and while she's doing it guess who's saying who needs more and who needs less me.
Once the cups are full I'm looking at it like this trying to measure which one has a drip more than the other after I thought that the cups were the exact same, I figured that the one on the left had a drip more.
I take it, and then regret it, I realise the sun was in my eyes when I chose and it's really the one on the right , but it's too late.

Even adults do this, the next generation should not follow. For example, Donald trump and Kim Jong un are fighting over has biggest missile, or who has most missiles and who's the coolest or who's got the best country, that's just stupid. As future leaders of tomorrow, we need to stop these silly games and appreciate what we have. Now trust me it will go to no good, we need to change our mindset to set a good, example for the future.

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