Sunday, 2 July 2017

Science journal 9

Science journal 9

This week we observed the slingshot rocket, angle launcher and flipping frogs. We noticed for the slingshot rocket when you fire it you have to flick your wrist down als

What I go hard ato that the rocket uses elastic potential energy. We inference using clues that if we didn't flick our wrist down then it would've hit the stick and be blocked. 

We noticed that the flipping frogs also use elastic potential energy and that different designs went higher than others.

I think that this happened because of the shape and condition of the frog along with how tight the rubber band was.

We noticed at 45° angle the projectile went around 90cm with the launcher we used.  45° is the angle with the furthest distance compared with all the other angles. It moved faster on the ground than what it did in the air. This is strange because the ground has a rough surface, and also using my prior knowledge, on the America's Cup they describe the speed with how much fly time they have.

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