Thursday, 22 June 2017

What I go hard at

 Football is what I go hard at

We arrive, it's the worst day of the year, and the ground is soaking. It is so muddy, you can hardly dribble the ball, the ball gets stuck in the mud! This just has to be played.
The reason we still had to play, was it was the last game, I was glad because it was going to be really fun playing in this condition! We run  on the pitch the crowd is roaring. We slip slide sprint and fall.
The first shot of the game was from me it was very slow because it had to go through a big fat muddy puddle.
It sprayed mud all over the place,the goalie did not really want to dive in the puddle so instead he did a kind of  jig!
The ball snailed past him and straight in to the net I didn't even curve it, that is what you call skill!
For the rest of the game it goes on how it stared rain rain ☔️ rain goal goal goal the game finishes at 12 -3 with my team on top, I Scored 3 of our goals and my friend scored another 3 and our best player scored 5 the last goal was scored by a guy called Kai.

That is what I go hard at !!!

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