Sunday, 11 December 2016

Imaginary character

Graham has big, bushy, messy hair, it's curly and as orange as a a mandarin.  His body is as round as a gym ball but fatter, he's 2.04m tall and he crouches over when he walks.  He does not have enough money to buy clothes so he walks around naked.

He's lazy and steals a lot of sugar. Now his smile, well he doesn't wear his smile! His face looks like what you would see if you saw the sportiest boy in maths class.  His skin colour is light brown but darker than a tan.  The opposite would be his caramel fudge that he eats, I think his parents don't make it right because it looks so white! l He's lazy and can't help himself but eat all the chips, cake, and chocolate he sees.

He likes to hang out on the couch at home mostly because he gets laughed at by people of all ages! He is a homebody, the only reasons he takes a step out of his house is if he is asking for money, when he does that he stands in the middle of the road. He likes eating and sleeping so his house is the best place for that. The people he hangs out with one, no one's kind to him which is the last reason why he stays at home.

He  sleeps most of the time.  The only action he makes is reaching for the bowl of chips. People call him Snorlax because that is the best name to call him, it describes him beautifully.  Graham is so sad that no one likes him, in fact he moans about it all the time, that's when he's not asleep or eating chips of course, so that's about 3 seconds.

A phrase he uses is “I hate my life”. Only some people know this because he doesn't talk to anyone else except his parents. His accent - well if you were listening before no one would know, right?
Graham doesn't have time to hang out with anyone.  If he did I wouldn't know anyone that has the passion of eating and sleeping twenty four hours straight.

You remember how I told you that he moans about his life? No one listens to him.  They just walk past him, hear him but doing nothing about what he is trying to tell them.  One time he went to the doctor to try and lose some fat.  After 10 seconds of talking to his doctor the doctor said  Get out of my office”.  He didn’t even listen to him.   Graham deserves better! Graham lives in an old, dusty, small house that 284 people have lived in which makes it old and really cheap! 

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