Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Discovery time reflection

My favourite discovery time would definitely be the fourth because Brayden, Enzo, Jacob, Luca, and I ran football. We made these really fun games and I got to play goalkeeper in some which I enjoyed.  A challenge was including others and getting them involved in our game because for the first 15 minutes the only people on the field was me and Brayden.  I have overcome this challenge by noticing when people wanted to join in and listening to their ideas.   A skill I have learnt through discovery time is to listen to others ideas so they might come to our activity and stay involved.

A learning focus would be making decisions because when I did the egg challenge me, Jordan and Brayden were fighting over what we were going to do with the egg first.  I overcame this challenge by letting it go and talking kindly.

I have become better at helping and cooperating because when I did the egg challenge we were fighting.  I overcame that challenge so helping and cooperating is what I have improved on.

Overall I feel what I have learnt during discovery in term one and term two is going to come in handy for the rest of my life.  Something I'm looking forward to in term four is…cooking some delicious food and seeing what delicious tastes like.

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