Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Rubbish is everywhere

                                   Rubbish is everywhere 

Have you noticed how much rubbish has been left lying in our school?  
The problem is...when people come in our school they get disgusted.
Under the classrooms and at the back of the field is such a mess it looks like the whole school has dumped their lunch box there.
How about the dog poo that you stepped on? The lazy person didn't bother to pick up.  All of this rubbish has been dropped in places that is harder to notice.

I thought I was going to school but instead I was going to a disgusting, soggy, stinky, rubbish dump.  I've been thinking about this issue.
This place needs a tidy up.

First of all your dogs, they're a rubbish making machine!
You’ll take a dog for a walk but forget the plastic bags and what happens then?...The dog poos. It’s all slimy and sloppy, ooh where's the bags? So what do you do? leave it there for someone to stand on? How disgusting, yuck!  If you remembered the bags you pick up the revolting poo but can't stand the smell... so what do you do? Drop it?  Why?  Stop this now! If you are a dog owner take responsibility for your dog!

Ok are you finding it hard to hear the truth? Are you ashamed? Can you see our school is being treated as a rubbish dump!  Why can't you put your chip packets in the bin? It's only 2m away from you. This is affecting the way we live.  I see at least one hundred every day! You’ll find them under room 11 and room 9 & 10.  You can help by putting all your rubbish in the bin.  You  can stop it - so why don't you?

This is a plastic ring, if you leave it lying around eventually food will get caught in it, then birds or mice will go for the food and get strangled and die, if not they have to go through pain and wear this ring for the rest of their life. But guess what this plastic ring ain't gonna break down it’s gonna stay there for 500-1000 years!
You see why it's best to put rubbish in the bin?
So stop leaving rubbish around!

Imagine the world if there was no rubbish, imagine how tidy it would be.  That's why we should stop dropping all our rubbish lazily on the ground.  You can help this issue by using something called the recycling bin and the rubbish bin.  I think Waimairi is doing a fantastic job with the food problem by making the organic bin!
But now, there is zip lock plastic bags I use each day, these keep my sandwiches fresh and yummy and stops the need for glad wrap this also stops glad wrap from being dropped around the school.
But remember these zip lock plastic bags can be washed and re-used so take them home in your lunch box, it's the little things you do every day that make a big difference.

Now I will leave you to think about our school the local rubbish dump!
If you had the power what would you do to change the world? 

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