Sunday, 18 September 2016

Rubbish is every where

Rubbish is everywhere

The part of my speech I am most proud of is my conclusion because I really think  it's quite funny that I said ‘the school is the local rubbish dump.’  The challenges I had writing my speech was finding a topic because there was lots of stuff I could have used, but there was really none that I was interested in.  The way I overcame this problem was by thinking about the schools’ problems. One of the biggest problems was the rubbish that was everywhere so I decided that would be the best bet.
Overall I feel my speech was written really well because I got a four for the written part of my speech. I also think it was written well because I had put lots of time and effort into it, I am really proud of my speech.

As I practiced reading my speech out loud I tried to use hand expressions to show more interest and to engage the audience.
I think I did well when I preformed to the class because I used expression, I looked at the audience the whole time and engaged with the audience.  I was challenged to use my hands to show how I felt with the problem because I am quite shy and using hands with my speech is something that would be in my worst nightmare.  I overcame this challenge by pretending everyone was naked!  Overall I feel that the presentation of my speech went well because the audience was looking at me and looked satisfied that rubbish should not be dropped around our school.


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