Monday, 1 August 2016

Waking up

I woke up feeling depressed and sad, I had to go to school! 
I just relaxed in bed until my dad came to say “Hurry up”.  I forced myself to stand up and stumbled to the breakfast table. Weet-bix for breakfast just the norm.

I brushed my teeth, packed my bag, getting more and more nervous it - was getting closer! I was terrified, I was petrified, I was going to school!

I got to school after racing my sister we had arrived!  I was shaking all over I was about to enter the class. 
That was my morning.


  1. Great work Oliver, I loved reading this, it put a smile on my face! That is exactly what you look like in the mornings....

    1. Thanks a lot it means a lot for me to get comments!😀